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Ways to Avoid an Auto Accident This Summer

Summer is the ultimate season for road trips and seeing all the majestic sights from coast to coast, but it’s also a dangerous season on our roadways. According to the American Safety Council, traffic accidents resulting in fatalities are likely to occur on Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. In addition to an increase of accidents during the summer holidays, car accidents are more prevalent during the summertime due to factors such as road construction and traffic congestion. Although navigating the roads can be a challenge when summer arrives, there are ways to deal with and avoid some of the major obstacles:

Road Construction

In most parts of the country, summer is the season of road construction. While construction projects can be an inconvenience for drivers, it’s an important time of year to fix roads and build better roads to accommodate the needs of all travelers. Not only can road construction zones be a dangerous place for drivers, but road construction workers put their lives on the line every day by working in and around traffic. Before you head out on the road, it’s a good idea to be aware of any construction you may encounter, as well as any detours or delays (you should be able to find this information on your state’s department of transportation website). Here are a few tips to drive safely in a road construction zone:

  • Whenever possible, avoid construction zones and take an alternate route.
  • Pay attention to all signs.
  • Drive slow and follow the posted speed limit.
  • Leave enough space between you and the car in front of you.
  • Allow yourself enough time to get to your destination.
  • Look around you, watch for workers, equipment, etc.

Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion is part of life, particularly during the summer time. While there are multiple factors that make traffic congestion worse, such as road construction, busy holiday weekends, or rush hour, there’s not much you can do about congestion. You can, however, opt to travel during less busy times of day or use an alternate mode of transportation such as public transit. Don’t forget to give yourself enough time to get where you need to go and avoid engaging in distracting, reckless, or aggressive driving behaviors, which can lead to an accident, according to Austin, TX car accident lawyer, Don Davis.

Stay Cool & Calm

Ever notice how the hot weather seems to bring out the worst in the motorists around you (and you may feel a little irritable yourself). When the temperatures increase, the adrenaline in our bodies increases which results in a natural “fight or flight” response and that’s why you may notice that more drivers are aggressive and downright dangerous on the road. Although it may be tempting to follow suit by speeding up and exchanging nasty glances, it’s important to stay cool, calm, and hydrated. If you can regulate your body temperature, you’re less likely to engage in reckless or aggressive driving.

While you should follow and practice the rules of the road all year round, the summer season may force you to be a little more patient and allow yourself more time to get around.


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