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What Are Some Warning Signs That an Elder Person is Being Neglected?

Why would a medical professional and a facility that was made to care for the elderly neglect them? Neglect within nursing homes can happen due to various reasons, including understaffing. Many employees are overwhelmed with the amount of work that they have to do because the Old Folks’ Home is not equipped with enough employees for a number of residents within the facility which causes them to sometimes neglect the elderly person.

Neglect can occur by restricting the elderly person from being social, providing them with their basic needs, maintaining their personal hygiene, and addressing their medical issues, just to name a few. While neglect is sometimes unintentional, there are moments where neglect is committed in an intentional way like restricting the elder person from adequate food and water. Neglect towards an elderly person can cause severe injuries and even death. Miami nursing home negligence attorneys believes that nursing homes should use their resources more efficiently to accommodate and care for every resident within the Old Folks’ Home. While nursing homes are a business, they must also provide their residents with the care that they deserve.

A resident that experiences an injury or dies from the neglectful acts of the nursing home and their staff can seek or have their family members seek legal action against the guilty party. When the standard of care violated by an employee or the facility, they could face a lawsuit.

Warning Signs That an Elder Person is Being Neglected

It is not always easy to identify nursing home neglect because there might not be any physical signs that prove that neglect is taking place, but neglect is not always in the presence of a physical form. Neglect can surface through various means like social or emotional. Typically, if there are behavioral changes with the resident that might not be their normal character, the family member might raise suspicion.

Some unexplained conditions and behaviors that can be caused by neglect include:

  • Recurring slip and falls
  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Bedsores
  • Undernourishment
  • Withdrawn
  • Poor personal care
  • Anti-social behavior
  • Seclusion
  • Presence of hazardous objects

A nursing home that neglects their residents has a higher chance of causing serious damage to the elder person with an increase of infections, disease, and injuries that they can endure. The vast majority of neglect cases go unreported; only about 10% of neglect cases surface to the light., while many abused and neglected residents continue to be in the dangerous situation.

Signs of Neglect Are Sometimes Difficult to Spot, but We Are Here To Help

The loved ones and family members that suspect that the elder person is being neglected need to report it and seek the aid of a personal injury lawyer to file a personal injury lawsuit and be compensated for the damages that the elder person has suffered. The firm wants to immediately remove the elder person from the neglectful situation that they are currently in by taking immediate action against the Old Folks Home.




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