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Victims of a Homicide in Arizona

The subject of murder, in general, seems like an archaic, illogical phenomenon. When a person is killed in cold blood, society relies heavily on the abilities of the police. They have quite a difficult and dangerous job, after all. The homicide victims attorney at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law strive towards pure justice for the community by proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the accused stands guilty of such an atrocious crime. Arizona has enacted important laws permitting the surviving family members to participate in the criminal justice system in such an event. However, the criminal justice system fails to address the devastating emotional and financial loss a family experiences when faced with the violent, abrupt fall of a loved one.

This sentiment is unarguably traumatic for any family. It is a type of spiritual robbery. That person cannot be replaced or reanimated. When the loss of a life is caused intentionally, such as by an act of murder, the bereaved family is, more often than not, left questioning why the crime occurred and wondering if it could it have been prevented. Families are then faced by the challenges that come with continuing life in the absence of love, compassion, and support that was once provided by their family member.

Crime is not always inevitable, nor is it random. It is often opportunistic

The government is preoccupied in the mired bureaucracy of gun control at the moment. Congress is pushing for mandatory background checks into criminal record and mental illness. It is in those moments that, all too often, a gun will end up in the wrong hands due to an irresponsible action on the part of a gun owner. This leads to an individual then taking advantage of inadequate security measures. Shopping centers, bars, apartment complexes, gas stations and other commercial establishments provide ideal opportunities for criminals. The fact that the perpetrator is armed only helps to make a walk in the park out of negotiating with unarmed civilians.

Since the founding of the Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law, we have represented a sterling number of clients who have suffered the pain and anguish that goes along with the murder of a loved one. We have helped, and will continue to help, a formidable clientele.

Cases where a person becomes a victim of homicide

For instance, one case involved a family alleging their son was shot and killed by a shop owner. Their son was completely unarmed, but he was, nevertheless, shot on the grounds that he presented a threat to the shop keeper.

In another case, the surviving family alleged that their loved one was shot and killed by an unstable boy who took the liberty of helping himself to a gun belonging to his parents. The parents had simply failed to secure the gun under lock and key even though they knew their son had a criminal record. It’s because of their negligence that someone died.

In another case, the family testified that their son was killed outside of a bar. The bar in question has played venue to repeated incidents of parking lot violence. As if that were not enough, police were adamant in warning the surrounding community of gang activity witnessed by both law enforcement and the general public.

Arizona, like most states, has a victim compensation fund such that the state may provide limited financial assistance to those affected by acts of mortal violence. It is typically suggested that a civil case be filed against the perpetrator and/or any negligent third party. This process more fully compensates the victimized family for lost wages, time off, medical expenses, funeral expenses, and the emotional damage that comes with losing someone dear in one’s heart. Although a civil suit could never fully enable a family to recover from the loss of a loved one, it can be a powerful tool in assisting a family who depended on their loved one for financial support. It, too, is an effective strategy when negligent parties need be held accountable for their actions.
If you or anyone you know has been affected by the detestable crime of homicide, please contact the Victims of Homicide Attorneys at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law. We seek justice and truth through rights advocacy and compensation.


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