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The Penalties and Convictions under Sex Crime Charges

Sexual contact with someone without consent is rape or sex crime in many states including California. Those who convict such crime, they are given severe punishments and penalties which may even last for their lifetime. Once someone has been charged with sex crimes, it is very difficult to escape the punishments and sufficient to ruin one’s life.

Public Response to Sex Crimes:

Most often, when public hear about the sex crimes, they raise concern about the nature and location of the crime. When they hear that sex crime occurred near their area and laws werebroken, they become more concerned and curious which turns into anxiety and fear.

Their concern about children and the presence of sex offender close to their area often turns into outrage. Sexual abuse of any type is something unforgivable and unspeakable for them and judge the offender even before the trial in court. Moreover, people demand that there should be more and severe action taken against these criminals which often lead to legislation and strict penalties.

Crimes of Sex Offense and Penalties under Law:

The brutal crime of rape occurs when the consent to have sexual activity is not granted. Consequently, severepunishment can make the offendingface prison for many years. Despite the fact that there was anotherperson’s consent given in the activityif the person is under legal age, the crime will be considered as rape- a punishable crime. If the defendant is convicted, the sentence may be given of few months or even years.


In case the person is first time offender, probation or parole may seem appropriate. However, if there are higher age gaps, for example, the offender is above 21 years and the victim is under 16, there will be severe and longer penalties depending upon the certain state law.

The crimeof Sexual Battery:

When the offender injuriesor damages the body of the victim, the crime of sexual battery occurs. In the consequence of it, the offender will end up in jail. Such injuries can be documented and prove to be evidence against the offender which will lead the offender to a jailsentence for a fewyears and in some states with an additionalfine of up to $10,000.

Sex Crimes Involving Internet:

When there is involvement of computer or internet, the crimes will be considered as sexual exploitation. Such exploitation includes child abuse, distribution or exchange of photos without permission and consent. It is important to keep in mind that the agesof children abused lead to different sentences as well as the numberof pictures or video possessed or shared increases the penalties in these examples.

Althoughone-timepunishment is sufficient, however, if the offender commits multiple times, there will additional charges absent that person and so the penalties will be, with the conviction of other relevant crimes and subsequent charges.

Registration of the Sex Criminals:

Most of the states registeredsex offenders in the resident state once the person is convicted and has completed jail sentence. There are certain conditions about registering them which should be followed, and severe penalties are made limited when the violation occurs. This depends upon the law of that state and severity of the crime.

In order to register in a new state, there is a certain timeframe given to the sex offender. If the time lapses and the offenderdoes not register, the punishment will be severer and longer.

Legal Assistance:

There are many caseswhen the accused does not know what to do or what rights are there for him. In this case, the accused can seek the legalassistance of the sex crime attorney.


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