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Taking Your Dog Out in Public: How Do You Know if it’s Right?

It’s a popular sight to see pet owners sitting outside of restaurants or bars with their dog or dogs on a leash lying next to them in the sun. While many dogs do love being out in public, there are also some situations where the pet owner simply wants to bring them along. Of course these pet owners are probably not doing it for selfish reasons, but many are not aware of anxiety their pup may be feeling. So what if your dog is a little anxious around humans or other dogs? How do you know if bringing your pup out to bars, restaurants or sporting events is the right thing for them?

DO consider, first of all, that other people may be allergic or uncomfortable around dogs, particularly if he or she is a larger breed. Let people come to you if they’d like to pet your dog.

DON’T forget all of the necessary accessories like a water bowl and water to fill it with just in case. Also bring along plastic bags and treats to reward him or her occasionally.

DO ask yourself if your pooch can handle the action. Does he or she actually like loud music and large crowds? You may think you’re doing your dog a favor by bringing them around the action, but they may prefer a more civilized walk around the block or game of fetch in the backyard. It’s important to consider the feelings of your pup when potentially bring him or her out in public. Check out your pooch’s demeanor – does he or she seem to be enjoying their time in public?

DON’T overwork your dog. Are you taking him or her for a bike ride or run? How far and how fast are you going to be going? What’s the weather like outside? These are all crucial questions to ask before you bring your furry friend out for a workout in the blistering sun. You should also check out the temperature of the sidewalk if this is the case – paw burn is a real thing and they’re not fun for your pup.

DO take note of your dog’s body language. Is his tail between his legs? Are his ears back and his breathing and panting heavy? These could be signs of anxiety. If you’re noticing this while out in a public situation, it might be time to take the pup back home where he can fully relax.

According to our friends and personal injury lawyers at Chiumento Selis Dwyer, dog bites are one of the most common personal injury claims filed. Victims of a dog attack may be able to file a claim against the owner of the dog. Consider the behavior of your pup in public before you risk dealing with the consequences of an anxious or uncomfortable dog.




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