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Negligent Security Lawyer

Injuries to a Negligent Security Victim on a Property

Due to the negligent security of another, have you or a loved one been the victim of a preventable crime? If the answer is yes, it is advisable you consult with an experienced negligent security attorney, such as the highly trained victim attorneys at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law. Landlords, business-owners, and others have a responsibility to provide a reasonable level of security on their property to ensure the safety of anyone present at the facility. Quite often, if proper security measures had been implemented from the start, unnecessary pain and suffering could have been avoided. If you feel you are the victim of another’s negligence – you are entitled to compensation in a court of law.

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negligent security lawyerMuch like people, properties can have a distinct “personality” and other characteristics that make them more conducive to criminals. Often, certain areas attract certain types of crimes. For example, a dark alleyway on a busy street can easily become the haunt for a purse-snatcher during the evening hours. The character of a property can actually encourage crimes to take place and it is the duty of the property owner to take measures to prevent crime. Crimes such as, murder, rape, robbery, and car-jacking often take place in areas that are poorly lit and isolated from witnesses. The owner of the property has a duty to the public to know the characteristics of their property and take reasonable steps to ensure that criminals are not attracted to their property due to negligence on their part. If you feel you have been the victim of a crime due to the carelessness of a negligent property owner, you need to consult with an experienced negligent security attorney immediately.

An experienced negligent security attorney will be able to assist you in determining whether or not the owner of the property is liable and analyze if the property facilitated the criminal assault. Crime is not always random and can often be prevented before it happens by implementing proper safety protocols – which should be the duty of the property owner before a crime occurs. With your case being represented by an experienced negligent security attorney from the Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law team, you are better equipped to collect the settlement you deserve, recover your losses, and most importantly, force the property owner into responsibility for allowing their property to become a haven for crime in the first place.

Proper Security Measures that are the Property Owners Responsibility

It is not difficult for a property owner to meet reasonable safety standards by simply implementing a few very basic and cost-effective measures to ensure the public’s right to safe passage and access to their property. Proper implementation of security can include everything from simply installing some extra lighting alongside a dark walkway, installing fake “dummy” security cameras that mimic an actual security system, making certain that hedges, trees, and other shrubbery are not overgrown and providing cover for criminal activity, and providing proper hardware on easily accessible doors and windows.

Property owners that are not willing to spend a few extra dollars to ensure that those using their facilities are safe should be held accountable for their insensibility. For many property owners, it is their belief that they are not required to spend money out of pocket to ensure that the people accessing their property are doing so in a safe manner. However, in a court of law – it is absolutely the responsibility of a property owner to ensure that nobody is victimized by a criminal on their property due to the lack of current security procedures.

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You deserve to feel safe when out in public and owners are required by law to ensure that their properties meet reasonable safety levels and are not predisposed to criminal activity. If you have been the victim of a property owners negligence, failure to hold those parties accountable puts an undue emotional, physical, and financial strain on the innocent and continues to put others at risk.

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