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Medical Malpractice: A Growing Problem in the USA.

It’s natural when people go to a doctor for treatment, they assume to get the high standard of care and duty. However, sometimes the expectations of a patient are not met. The Washington post reports recently that the medical malpractice has reached an alarmingly high point, it is ranked as the 3rd foremost reason of the death in the United States of America.

This report was released after many research labs stated in which the John Hopkins School of Medicine is also included. Accordingly, there are many people who die after the medical malpractice than ever before. Everyday 700 deaths are reported due to substandard practices.

Martin Makary who is a professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Describes that there are 2 main reasons for medical errors, due to the bad doctors and from the lack of communication between hospital management during the shifting of the patient from one ward to other. “It boils down to people departing from the care that they get rather than the ailment for which they are seeking care.”

This dreadful condition of the medical faculty is making terrified of consulting a medical expert. Because they think they might probably die not due to the illness they are suffering but instead of the medical standard of care, they will receive. People have doubt on the medical care system as our standard has declined over the years now. It’s a total disaster in different healthcare establishments in the US as the staff is less and unskilled.

Regardless of the frequency of malpractice incident, this occurrence is not much highlighted in national and international media. There is no such precaution taken to avoid the damages to the patients and the laws by states are not been practiced in many areas. For example, the according to the malpractice laws in Florida a patient who is single and does not have kids cannot sue for the substandard practices. This apparently means that parents can let their kids die instead of filing a suit against the responsible. They cannot bring the responsible to the court for their negligence nor they can stop the responsible for damaging other patients.

The topic medical malpractice is quite debated among the legislators, and the medicine and insurance companies trying to elongate the process of making the proper structure for the healthcare system.

The doctor takes the malpractice cases lightheartedly, media is also supporting them with not taking any action against the bad conditions of doctors and the hospitals. However, it’s difficult to find an effective medical malpractice attorney who can handle these cases. In reality, 90% patient is unable to find an appropriate medical malpractice attorney let alone the filing of the case.

This scenario is the reason the Americans are facing massive medical debts and other issues. It’s the matter of many patients in the United States that cannot be improved until and unless the legislators take serious actions against the medical professional for their negligence.


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