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Homicide Victims Lawyer

Support for those that are Victims of Homicide

When someone is murdered, it is a fearful time for everyone in the community. People rely on the police to track down the correct suspect and on victims of homicide attorneys to bring justice to the community by giving the killer a punishment they deserve. But for the family members of the homicide victim, they are experiencing a mixture of loss, pain, and confusion that is difficult to handle.

The state of Arizona has enacted important laws that allow the surviving family of a homicide victims to participate in the criminal justice system, but unfortunately, it is not designed to address the devastating emotion loss or financial loss a family suffers after a loved one is lost. In order to get the compensation to handle the emotional and financial stresses that come with losing a family member to homicide, surviving family members are expected to press charges and seek justice against their loved one’s killer.

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Family of Homicide Victims

homicide victims lawyerAlthough the loss of a loved one is difficult on any family, regardless of the circumstance, the emotions that accompany a homicide add another level of pain for the family. When the loved one is killed by an intentional act, such as murder, the family is often left wondering how the situation could have been prevented, what they could have done to save their loved one’s life, or why such a terrible tragedy had to happen to their family. They will not only face a life of without the care, support, and comfort of their loved one, but they will be left questioning what they could have done differently or why such a crime occurred.

Crime, even homicide, is not always inevitable or random. In fact, it is often opportunistic. In some instances, homicide victims are chosen simply because they are there and they are accessible. Even when society tries to prevent minors, criminals, or the mentally ill from purchasing firearms, guns too often fall into the wrong hands due to the irresponsible actions of the gun’s owner. With inadequate security at shopping centers, bars, apartment complexes, gas stations, or other public establishments, criminals are given the opportunity to act.

At Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law, we have represented numerous clients whose loved ones have been murdered. Numerous case scenarios include a surviving family who lost their son after a shop owner perceived the unarmed boy to be a threat, deciding to shoot and kill him. In another case, a family lost their loved one to an unstable boy with a criminal record who unfortunately found it too easy to get a hold of his father’s gun. Another case where a loved one was taken too soon includes a family whose son was murdered outside a bar despite repeated incidents of parking lot violence and police warnings of gang activity.

When a family losses a loved one, they lose more than just a family member. Depending on the family structure and position of the homicide victim, a family may have lost a major financial support system for their family. In addition to suffering emotionally, the family may struggle to maintain the lifestyle they had before.

Support for a Homicide Victim

Filing a civil case against the perpetrator or other negligent third party can compensate the family for lost wages, medical expenses, funeral expenses, and emotional damages suffered by losing a loved one. Although a civil suit will never replace the loved one who has been taken away, it can provide the financial support to assist a family who may have depended on the victim’s wages. A civil suit can also provide emotional support to see the negligent parties held accountable for their actions and provide closure for a suffering family.

If you or someone you care about has been victimized due to homicide, please contact the attorneys at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law by phone (602) 535-1900 or by filling out our Online Free Consultation Form. Our mission is to seek justice for homicide victims through compensation and rights advocacy.

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