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Gun Shot Injury Lawyer

Information of Serious Injuries by Gunshot Victims

When the wrong person comes into possession of a firearm, truly horrific consequences can result. Access to guns is at least partially controlled by state governments based on a persons age, criminal background and state of mental health. Regardless of these restrictions, there are instances where guns are acquired by people who should not have possession of them, resulting in a victim of gunshot. “Black market” purchases, theft or other, more creative means result in people with nefarious intentions acquiring guns. Sometimes guns are unsecured or they are made readily available to people who cannot be trusted to use a gun appropriately. In some cases, people who haven’t received the correct firearms safety training or who’ve not learned to respect the danger of such a weapon are able to access guns.

There are also instances of honest error, as in legitimate gun owners overreacting to perceived threats and shooting innocent persons. However, there are also times when a firearm accidentally discharges and end up injuring innocent victims. Even if a gunshot victim is wounded or killed accidentally, there are still damages that must be accounted for by the those at fault.

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gunshot victims lawyerAs experienced shooting victim attorneys, Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law has a proven track record of effectively representing victims of gun violence whether the act was intentional or not. One case in Georgia involved a neighbor mistaking the son of another neighbor for a burglar. Unfortunately, the son was shot. The victim was instructed by the son of the shooter to tap quietly on the door so that the father would not be awakened. This is an excellent example of a case wherein there was no genuine intention to harm an innocent person, yet there was still harm done. In another instance, surviving family members alleged that their loved one had his life taken by the son of parents who neglected to effectively secure their gun. This happened even though the parents knew full well that their son was not mentally stable and that he had a criminal record. As you can see, in both of these cases there were victims of gun violence whose suffering and the suffering of their families deserved justice and compensation in accordance with the damages that were incurred.

Financial Help to Victims of a Shooting

Like most other states in the US, Arizona manages a compensation fund to provide limited financial aid to victims of gun crimes (learn more about it at – opens in a new window). State laws allow for a civil case to be filed against the perpetrator or any negligent third party in order to more fully financially compensate a family. This compensation can be for financial damages due to losing the ability to work, medical costs, funeral and burial expenses, and emotional tolls suffered due to the loss of a loved one. We have seen first hand that dealing with the aftermath of a gun crime can be an emotionally and financially draining experience. Considering that a civil suit will never fully bring a family back to the condition it was in before the loss, it can serve as a remarkably powerful tool to aid a family who relied on the loved one for financial and emotional support. These kinds of lawsuits can also work to hold negligent parties accountable for their actions.

Gun violence is a serious matter. These kinds of cases should be addressed by professionals who know the law and how to use it to the fullest advantage of the victims involved. In the event that you or someone you know has been affected or victimized by a shooting or other form of gun violence, please contact the gun shot victim attorneys at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law by phone (602) 535-1900 or by filling out our Online Consultation Form. We aggressively seek justice for victims through compensation and rights advocacy.

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