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Elder Abuse Victims Lawyer

Our Elder Abuse Lawyers Take Being a Victim of Elder Abuse Very Serious

Elder care, similarly to childcare, can pose difficulties for adults that work away from home. To address this issue, many adults tend to bank on the assistance of home health care agencies or nursing home facilities. These institutions are known to treat their respective residents or clients with concern, kindness, and dignity. However, seniors are often abused in their own homes by home health care workers and in nursing homes or assisted care facilities that are responsible for their care. Such abuse can manifest in several ways, including intimidation, neglect, or even threats. At times, elder abuse involves financial problems. Issues that include low levels of supervision, inadequate patient screening, and under staffing lead to mistakes and general neglect.

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What are some of the warning signs of Elder Abuse? Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law elder abuse attorneys have found that some of the potential red flags that may indicate elder abuse include:


elder abuse victim lawyerPhysical Elder Abuse

  • Repetitive arguing or aggressive interactions between the caregiver and the senior
  • Altered personality or behavior in the senior
  • Appearance of bruises, welts, or scars, particularly if they are spread out across both sides of the body in a symmetric fashion
  • Broken bones, dislocations, or strains
  • Indication of drug abuse or the failure to use prescribed drugs consistently (e. a prescription batch has leftover pills that are not supposed to be there)
  • Damaged eyeglasses and frames
  • The caregiver denies others the opportunity to meet with the elder alone

Emotional Abuse

Beyond the physical signs above, possible indications of emotional elder abuse include:

  • Threatening, belittling, or controlling caregiver behavior that you witness
  • Behavior from the elder akin to dementia, including rocking, mumbling, or sucking

Elder Sexual Abuse

  • Marks / bruises near the breasts or pubic area
  • Appearance of venereal disease, sexually transmitted infection, etc.
  • Abnormal bleeding from anus or vagina
  • Damaged underclothing (tears, blood, and so on)

Caregiver Neglect

  • Abnormal drop in weight, dehydration, malnutrition
  • Physical harm that has not been treated, i.e. bed sores
  • Filthy living situation: dirt, insects, dirty bedding and clothing articles
  • Unkempt physical appearance, lack of bathing
  • Inappropriate clothing or insufficient covering for the current weather or climate
  • Dangerous living arrangements (lack of heat, no running water, open wiring, presence of various fire hazards)
  • Leaving the elder behind in a public area

Financial Exploitation

  • Repeated or high volume withdrawals from the senior’s bank account
  • Dramatic alterations in the senior’s financial status
  • Missing possessions and money from the elder’s household
  • Unusual edits made to wills, power of attorney, policies, and titles
  • The inclusion of extra names to the signature card of the elder
  • Pending bills or no medical care, even though the senior has sufficient funding to cover costs
  • Abnormal financial activity that the elder could not have carried out by the elder. (Example: evidence of an ATM withdrawal when the account holder is bedridden)
  • Extraneous services, products, or payment plans

Healthcare abuse and fraud

  • Repeated billings for a certain medical service, device, etc.
  • Documentation of excessive medication or insufficient medication
  • Indications of poor care despite payment for requested services
  • Problems with the care facility: under trained or under compensated staff, or lack of staff; overcrowding; poor responses to questions regarding the quality of care.


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All lives possess intrinsic value and worth. When a nursing home, or senior care facility, fails to meet proper standards of care, they can be deemed legally accountable and mandated to pay compensation for their poor behavior. This type of legal action encourages these facilities and agencies to improve their services and to hold their staff members responsible.

As elder abuse attorneys at the Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law team, we are committed to halting abuse and neglect. We aim to hold those who are responsible financially accountable for their actions.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by or victimized by elder abuse, make sure you reach out to the elder abuse attorneys at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law. We work for the justice of victims via proper compensation and the advocacy of senior rights. Please contact us day or night by calling our office at (602) 535-1900, or by clicking on the “Contact Our Firm” link on our website and e-mailing us directly.

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