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Common Car Defects that Lead to Product Liability Claim

We often hear about the car accidents that occurreddue to the negligenceof a driver such as over speeding or driving under influence. However, there are many cases when automotive accidents occur due to a defective part of the car’smachinery. Such defects are the resultof manufacturing faults which lead to deadly car accidents.

When someone gets into an accident, the victim has the right to file a product liability case against the manufacturer of that car.

Car Defects that Add to Injuries or Cause Accidents:

Following are few of the common defects that lead to accidents:

  • Failure of Airbags to Open:

Regardless of the fact who caused the accident, if the airbags failed to open, the injuries can get much worse.

  • Airbags Opened at the Wrong Time:

If you experienced a small tap or shock, and the airbags opened- when they should not- this can also cause an accidentor even bruises. Such deployments at the wrong time are painful as well as annoying also can deviate your attention from driving.

  • Seatbelts which Unbuckled during an Accident:

Seatbelts are considered the most important part of the vehiclewhen it comes to safety. When a seatbelt unbuckles during an accident, it can cause a serious injury or even kill a person.

  • Roof collapse:

Cars and trucks are usually protected by safety standards with the roll bars that prevent roof to collapse during a rollover accident. When this safety feature is compromised the driver seat becomes highly vulnerable to fatal injuries and people can get killed.

  • Vehicle fires:

When there is a vehicle on fire on itself, this indicates an electrical defect in the system of a car. Vehicles must not catch fire spontaneously; in case they do, this means that there is some serious manufacturing fault in the vehicle.

  • Uncontrolled acceleration or Break Failure:

If the vehicle loses control and accelerates on its own, this means that the breaks of the vehicle have failed which risks the lifeof the driver and other passengers.

  • Failure of Power Steering:

Although, the vehicle can still be controlled if power steering loses control, however, the sudden change in the force needed to control the steering leads to accidents, especially when the car is speeding.

  • Tire Failure:

Tire explosion or tread separation are the most common types of tire failure that cause a vehicle to roll over. The tread gets separated when the bond is kept weak during the manufacturing process because of the low-qualitymaterial used in tires, undispersed ingredients or trapped air.

What to Do Next?

If you or your loved one get into an accident due to a defective part of the vehicle, use your rights. But before, you have to prove that the accident and injuries were caused by the defective part of the vehicle.

Here is what you need to do in this regard:

Gather evidence:

Without proper and complete evidence, you cannot prove that it was the fault of the manufacturer. Take pictures or make a video of the accident scene, the damaged vehicle, andinjuries when you are conscious enough to gather these evidenceor take help of your friends and family.

Don’t Repair Your Car:

Unless you have talked to your attorney, don’t repair your car otherwise it will remove the evidence. Let your personal injury attorney’s expert team examine the vehicle and find the defective part(s).

Author Bio:

California Workers’ Compensation Attorney has dedicated their lives to the craft and stand by your side throughout the entire case, should you have any questions or concerns about the process.


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