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Common Car Defects that Lead to Product Liability Claim

We often hear about the car accidents that occurreddue to the negligenceof a driver such as over speeding or driving under influence. However, there are many cases when automotive accidents occur due to a defective part of the car’smachinery. Such defects are the resultof manufacturing faults which lead to deadly car accidents. When someone gets into an accident, the victim…read more →

Mental Pain And Anguish Of Animal Attack Victims

Being attacked by an animal can be a gravely traumatic experience. Animal attacks can severely harm a person physically as well as mentally. Animal attack victims often suffer from emotional damage long after the physical wounds have healed. Symptoms of these damages may range from fear of animals and the outdoors to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This traumatic experience…read more →

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder In Rape Victims

It is a fact that enduring rape is a harrowingly traumatic experience which may affect every aspect of an individual’s life. When someone is raped their self-esteem, thought process, social interactions, and their overall worldview is drastically impacted. People respond to rape or sexual assault differently. In the majority of cases, people develop post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. PTSD is…read more →

What is negligent security and what should you do if you are guilty of it?

According to most state laws, property owners are required to take reasonable steps for the protection of employees, customers or residents from harm that is likely to happen. It is the responsibility of employers to provide their employees with a safe workplace. In case of failure of provision of sufficient security by property owners, the person who underwent injury or…read more →

What Steps Can Crime Victims Take To Seek Justice?

A crime victim may be wounded, may suffer loss of property or any other damages which could never be restored. The victim may be full of anger and would want to seek justice, but oftentimes, they may be clueless of the measures they can take to seek it. Approach an Advocate The very first thing the victim should do is…read more →

Medical Malpractice: A Growing Problem in the USA.

It’s natural when people go to a doctor for treatment, they assume to get the high standard of care and duty. However, sometimes the expectations of a patient are not met. The Washington post reports recently that the medical malpractice has reached an alarmingly high point, it is ranked as the 3rd foremost reason of the death in the United…read more →

What Are Some Warning Signs That an Elder Person is Being Neglected?

Why would a medical professional and a facility that was made to care for the elderly neglect them? Neglect within nursing homes can happen due to various reasons, including understaffing. Many employees are overwhelmed with the amount of work that they have to do because the Old Folks’ Home is not equipped with enough employees for a number of residents…read more →

What Do I Do If the Other Person Does Not Have Car Insurance?

 There are many car collisions that happen on a day to day basis, and having an insurance can be a sense of relief when you know that they will most likely step in and help pay for the damages and injuries, either a portion of it, or all of it. Although, it can sometimes be denied. Often times, the other…read more →

When Do You Have A Medical Malpractice Case?

When someone suffers a mistake or negligence at the hands of a doctor or a healthcare provider, they are often wondering if they have a valid medical malpractice lawsuit. The first and most important aspect of any medical malpractice case is the health and wellbeing of the person who has suffered the injury or negligence. After the individuals health is…read more →

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